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The ABC’s Of A Coffee Tamper: Your Espresso Shots Depend On It

Crafting a perfect espresso is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires an incredible amount of folk knowledge. The majority of coffee addicts do not know that the art of espresso making is massively related to coffee tamping. If you tamp poorly, your espresso will be watery!

Now you might ask us what is “Tamping.” What is its significance, and what is it used for? Well! A coffee tamper’s purpose is to pack the coffee grounds to have a quality shot.

Want to buy it? Then, read the below lines before placing an order of coffee tamper in New Zealand.

Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Tamper Device Before Buying

If you have ever noticed the making of espresso, you would have observed a different device. That is a coffee tamper. It is a small tool that is used to pack espresso grounds into the basket of a gear.

Here, we have shared all the information regarding the coffee tamper device.

The Significance Of Coffee Tampers

Beyond the grind and the timing, proper tamping is the key to getting a quality shot of espresso. Baristas put a lot of effort into perfecting this process. Do you know there is a science behind coffee tamping?

When we tamp the coffee grounds, the water should force its way through the pile to get an even flow. The time and distribution results in a fuller flavour are the main reason for a perfect espresso shot.

Explore The Types of Coffee Tampers

A coffee tamper in New Zealand gets made from lightweight metal. So it matches the size of the basket and portafilter you are tamping.

If you have more than one basket, you may require more than one tamper. Instead, you can use a two-sided tamper. Now choose any one from the below to buy!

Dual-Head Tamper- It looks like tilted dumbells with two flat ends, one of which is smaller than the other. This gear is convenient for home baristas to achieve a uniform tamp every time.

Handle Tamper- This coffee tamper machine will remind an old-fashioned rubber stamp with a convex bottom. It allows you to add more force to the tamp. Experts recommend it for professional baristas.

Calibrated Tamper-  This is super efficient for new baristas. Because it indicates precisely the right touch with the portafilter and tamper. In addition, it has a built-in mechanism. This mechanism allows us to do this without fail by not having to rely on how much pressure they feel like they are applying.

Puck Tamper- Do you need to ensure consistency? Then, puck tamper is for you. Besides, it offers level tamps and improves the shot quality even when you are in a rush. You will find a much smaller handle, and you can grip it more like you are holding a ball.

Summing Up!

When you need to buy a coffee tamper in New Zealand, make sure you choose a trusted online store that offers high-quality at affordable prices. You can go through our other blogs for more tips.