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“Making Home Espresso Is Kind Of A Nightmare” - Yes Or No?

Making espresso at home is expensive if you compare it with other types of coffee. Therefore, I recommend using an espresso machine for beginners with a good grinder. And, if you want a home espresso machine you can grow with, you can invest more. However, not every espresso is high-quality and top-rated. But, when you buy high-quality machines for your home or cafe, it can get expensive as they have to.


What Determines The Price Of Home Espresso?

In my experience, and as per the pros at multiple cafes that specialize in the gear for home grinders and expressos can cost more or less about $1,000 for the machine alone. And a few hundred extras for the grinder. These machines have full-size portafilters that don't choke on a large amount of fine coffee unnecessarily to make strong espressos. The heating elements are more consistent, powerful, tweakable, and enough to fine-tune extraction.

Making Home espresso is difficult! (so get trained)

The most significant thing to remember before buying a home espresso machine is to learn how to make it. I believe pulling decent shots is much tougher than making drip coffee. “We’ve set unrealistic expectations about the effort: reward ratio in coffee, and that’s the point of friction with espresso at home.” - James Hoffman.

Well, don’t worry! You can start accumulating a considerable amount of knowledge on how to make good home espresso and the complexities involved in the process.
Long story short? If you are curious to learn online - YouTube channels teach the theory behind making good coffee. Learn it, make it, and get hands-on experience.

Things To Consider Before Making Home Espresso

The number of professional shop owners and YouTubers I come across who don’t get any training in their initial days asks people to follow these golden rules. Moreover, you’ll notice the results all by yourself. And, you can make better drinks than before if you care to (wink wink)!

1. A dirty machine makes disgusting coffee, if you already don’t know, so clean it - often! Espressos are not like iPhones. It needs cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t regularly clean it, the drinks might start tasting like dirt defeating all the methods of making coffee at home.

2. Umm, are you using great coffee beans? No? My friend, you are wasting your time. Espresso is more comfortable and better if you use fresh beans. I prefer my espresso beans to be five and 15 days old. Most coffee geeks ask to store coffee beans in airtight containers in a cool, dry cupboard. Avoid the refrigerator, it will ridicule the taste.

3. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what machine you buy, but I do think the grinder plays a significant role. The time you are investing in learning about espresso machines invest in the quality coffee grinder.

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If you have read all this and aren’t dissuaded, possibilities are there you will love your new home espresso set up. If you have decided to go for it, then best of luck. For any confusion about our product and services, you can contact us anytime you want.