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How To Clean Your Espresso Machine Using A Coffee Machine Cleaner?

Are you a barista lover? Then, you must have a quality coffee machine in your home, and you know the significance of cleaning it as well.

Yes! There is a saying “cleanliness is half of the meal.” We know it doesn’t make any sense in English but give attention to the message.

Cleaning your gear with a coffee machine cleaner may be the most boring part. But it is a vital job. Otherwise, you will not be able to get great tasting espresso. Let us check how to clean your coffee machine daily!


How To Utilize A Coffee Machine Cleaner For Cleaning Daily?

This job you must do after you finish a cup of coffee. Let us explain how you clean your coffee gear to extend its longevity.

Group Head

Lots of coffee oils and used coffee particles get stuck into the group head when you brew coffee. To avoid this, you need to wash your group heads every day.

First, remove the portafilters, use a brush to erase all the used coffee particles and then use cleaning powder to clean the blind baskets. Then, insert the portafilters to the group heads. Put the water supply on and keep it on for 10 seconds. You can continue doing this four times to get the desired result.


After you have washed your machine, it is advisable to wash your portafilters. Use cleaning powder or coffee machine cleaner and hot water to get the best results. You take the portafilters and baskets out of the water and wash them thoroughly. Then, place the baskets back to the portafilters.

Steam Wand

Of course, you need to wipe the steam wand right after steaming. Burnt milk can easily get wiped out by simmering the wand with a wet cloth for 5 minutes. Don’t ever use anything metal. It can ruin the wand’s coating. And then the milk gets burnt to the wand even easier.

Group Head Shower Screens

You need to clean the shower screens of the group head too. The job is to shower the brewing water evenly on the coffee puck. The shower screens get dirty really fast. Because they are in contact with the coffee puck for the whole day. Unscrew the screw that holds the shower screen to wash them.

Here, you will find three parts; the shower screen, metal plate and the screw. Simmer those parts in hot water and use the cleaning powder for 10-15 minutes.


Grinder burrs are in contact with coffee beans. That means the burrs need to get rinsed daily. It’s easy as you can use the grinder burr clean beans. It takes only 30 seconds to remove coffee oils that have gotten stuck to the burrs. It will take only 30 seconds from you and keep your grinder in better shape for a long time.

Summing Up!

When you need to buy a coffee machine cleaner, make sure you choose a reliable store that offers high-quality at affordable prices. You can go through our other blogs for more tips.