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‘An Automatic Coffee Tamper Can Offer A Quality Espresso’-Really?

Making a perfectly delicious coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires an incredible amount of knowledge that does not have in many coffee lovers. For example, the art of espresso making gets immensely related to coffee tamping.

Do you know this? We guess, no! That is why we are here to show the importance of tamping. You need to have an automatic coffee tamper to achieve a cup of delightful coffee every morning.

Let us explain the importance and the types of coffee tampers!

Know The Importance Of An Automatic Coffee Tamper Device And The Buying Guide!

Poorly tamped can make your espresso watery!

Now you must be wondering what is it exactly and what is it used for?

You may have noticed a man pushing the coffee down with a tiny instrument that looks more like a stamper. It is called the coffee tamper device. A small tool that gets used to pack espresso grounds into the basket of an espresso machine.

Can Really A Tamping Device Offer A Delightful Cup Of Coffee Every Morning?

The purpose of the coffee tamper is to pack the coffee grounds for a quality shot. It can be a trial and error process to get things right.

Experts know that proper tamping is the key to pulling a quality shot of espresso. Baristas put a lot of effort into tamping perfectly.

When we tamp the coffee grounds, the water should come in force its way through the pile to get an even flow. The water needs to interact with the coffee longer and run through the entire cake of grounds. The combination of all these functions results in a fuller flavour for the espresso shot.

The Buying Guide: How To Choose A Tamper?

Tamping espresso can take time to master, and it can be messy at first. But buying a suitable tamper will speed up this process.

To choose the right automatic coffee tamper, you need to keep in mind the following specifications:


The tamper sizes vary in millimetres from 48 mm to 58 mm. Most brands utilize a 58 mm size tamper.


To apply the right amount of pressure, you can buy a tamper that weighs around 1-2 pounds. As to experts, tampers close to 1 pound is the best.

Convex Vs Flat Bottom

A convex tamper offers a slightly rounded surface. On the other hand, a flat tamper is flat in shape. Convex tampers are said to help prevent channelling.

The Calibrated Tamper

A calibrated tamper comes with a handle that is separated from the base of the tamper. The handle and base will connect and ‘click’ when it gets pushed to 30 pounds of pressure. If you run a beginner barista, calibrated tampers are perfect for you. And also for those who want to be 100% sure that they applied the correct pressure.

Summing Up!

When you need to buy an automatic coffee tamper, make sure you choose a trusted online store that offers a high-quality product at affordable prices. You can go through our other blogs for more tips.