About Us

Dipacci Coffee Company is a coffee roaster and equipment supplier based in Roselands, Sydney. We have been providing customers all around Australia and the world with the best in coffee beans, machines and grinders for years and pride ourselves on our outstanding service and quality products. We also offer a range of different services including coffee cart and machine hire, barista courses and training, catering and servicing and spare parts.We have developed close relationships and direct trade arrangements with farmers around the world. The beans we source are rigorously sampled and tested before being incorporated into to our seasonal blends.


  • In 2010 we developed our own private label roasting. We have developed a strong team of experienced industry business developers, graphic designers and marketing strategists to help our customers take total advantage of the market they are in.
  • In 2012 we designed and fabricated a fully equipped mobile coffee lab. We travel the country with this lab to industry trade shows, exhibitions, competitions and other key events, showcasing our coffee and continuing to spread the passion for specialty coffee.
  • In 2015 Di Pacci coffee has 6 stores and offer Barista training in our cupping room or hands on training in one of our cafe locations.
  • In 2016 Di Pacci is one of the largest coffee machine and grinder suppliers in Australia and is set to relocate from Marrickville to our new headquarters in Kingsgrove.